The Law of Three Loves

by John on October 5, 2008

The Three Loves
When it comes to fixed gear riding I believe there are three “loves” to find, one the love of the ride, two the love of the build, and three the love of others. This all may sound a bit corny, but hey, its how I feel, give me a break. If a man wants to say his feelings let him, it’s his article let him cry if he wants to.

The love of the ride, some people may role out of be grown at the day ahead of them grab their keys and hop on in their car. Doesn’t sound like too nice of a start to me. For me it is much different I role out of bed after probably a few hours of sleep, jump in the shower, throw on some clothes, slip on my slip-ons and ride out the front door of my apartment with a smile on my face knowing that this ride will be great. Granted I may get honked at a few times, and may almost get hit a handful of times, but hey that‘s all in fun and games. The love of a good morning ride is what really gets me started in the morning. It feels good to travel 25 mph just by the power of your own legs, and that is the love of the ride.

The love of the build, some people commonly believe “the root of all evil is the love of money,” however it is not the same for fixed gear bikes. The root of all evil is not the love of fixed gear bikes. Some people are ok with one, and some with two, and I know people that have up to nine fixed geared bikes. This is where the second love of fixed gear riding is, the build. When starting to think about building a fixed geared bike you storm your brain for ideas, visual images of what you’d like it to look like. Then you hit the streets to find the parts to fit these visual images, whether the parts come from new or whether you found them at a scrap yard, your back yard, or even a local warehouse it doesn’t matter. It is the love of the adventure from start to end of building your personalized fixie.

The love of others, this might be the corniest of all. Fixed gear riding is a community, larger in some cities and much smaller in others, but in either sense it is a community. Love does not always have to be as the common man thinks of it, the love of a man and women in marriage the love of the fixed gear community is much deeper than that. It is the love of people who share a common interest. People who no matter what they look like or do have something very deep in common and that is fixed gear riding.
So the three loves, maybe you aren’t as corny as I am, and only feel one of two of them, but at any rate you get the point. Fixed gear riding is much more than a utilitarian system of transportation; it is a love for a hobby, and love for others who share this hobby.

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midtoad October 17, 2008 at 3:46 pm

I had to laugh when I read this: “I know people that have up to nine fixed geared bikes”. Just last months I had zero fixies, and this week I have two! First I put together a bike using a Surly frame, and a day after that was finished a friend gave me an old Sekine road bike that I first turned into singlespeed and then into a fixie for playing bike polo with.

But honest, I swear I’ll never get up to nine!

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