How to Get iPad for $42.51

Apple iPad

by Alex on June 30, 2010

Do you want the latest products cheap?

I know I sure I did, after all fixie parts aren’t cheap – and after that brand new frame not much is left for a shiny new iPad. I’m a techie (duh.. I mean I have a blog).. and I need the new iPad and I didn’t have the money. That’s when I started looking around to see how the hell can a guy score big without having to drop my rent money.

Thats when I found the answer to getting an iPad 80% OFF!!!


If you haven’t heard of these things you’ve been living under a rock. The idea is quite simple. You buy “bids” that are usually pretty cheap. These bids let you participate in live auctions for some of the top products around:

  • iPads
  • Macbook Pro
  • Cameras
  • Wii Fit
  • LCD TVs
  • and more…

So I looked around and there are few sites out the but the best one was hands down Bid Fire.

Why was it so great?

What’s great about BidFire is you CAN’T lose. Even if you don’t win the auctions you participate in, you get points anyway that you can redeem for products!!!

Anyway, I gave it a shot, and on my 5th auction I WON!!! Maybe it was luck, or maybe it was just divine intervention. Anyway, I’m off to play with my iPad… I just wanted to share the news.

Check out BidFire right now to see what they have for auction (sign up is free)

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