Mission Bicycle

Mission Bicycles Review

by Alex on July 1, 2010

I decided to check out a local shop here in San Francisco that has been making quite a stir. Their bikes aren’t cheap, so if you’re broke maybe you should fill out the email and start getting some discounts. The company is called Mission Bicycles.

Anyway, here is a little bio about them:

We started Mission Bicycle because we weren’t satisfied with the bicycles sold in bike stores. The best bicycles on the streets of San Francisco are the custom built fixed gear bikes those with the know-how are building up for themselves and friends. It didn’t make sense to us that these bikes were not available to everyone else so we set out to change that.

Here are some features:

  • Valencia Frame with over 25 colors to chose from
  • You can chose fixed/free and even COASTER BRAKE
  • Custom handlebars (risers, bullhorn, etc)
  • High quality parts for the rest of the bike
  • Locks if you chose

You might be thinking why not just build your own bike. The truth is these guys do good work and get their parts cheaper because they buy in bulk, so for about $800 bucks you can get a sick bike or you can build it yourself waste time and money searching craigslist and still drop around $1200 – $1500.

Check them out and build your own bike now at Mission Bicycles

P.S. The reason I used this bike picture is the nickname is “The Lex” which was my nickname in High Scool

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