The Secret Society

by John on September 30, 2008

Fixed gear riders have been around for ages, and the society is growing each and every day. Many people from many different walks of life choose to ride fixie for many different reasons.

To start you have the messengers, everyone envies a big city messenger. Then you have the college students who I am one of. The teens better known as the hipsters, just looking for the next sweet fad, and finally the originators who were mostly bike fanatics or messengers.

For a short time period fixed riding was I suppose you’d say a “secret society,” and there are many riders who would love to keep it that way. They’ll let the world keep it’s traditional geared cycle with it’s typical frame and its typically black tires, but strive to keep their ridiculous colorful bikes a secret, but eventually it caught on, and how could it not.

A bright red bike with green tires, white rims, and fluorescent yellow bar tape is going to catch your eye as it rides down the street.

If you ask a fixed gear rider what they are doing sometime, I can almost promise you they will hesitate to tell you. They have found something special and aren’t too sure whether they want to share it. They might look at you from head to toe to check you out, see if you are ok to hear the secret. Maybe they’ll even lean in and whisper it in your ear, but at any rate I’m they will tell you what it’s all about, and it might go a little something like this.

“Well it only has one gear”
“It only has ONE GEAR, isn’t that what kid’s bikes are for?”
“And I don’t use any breaks”
“You don have any breaks, isn’t that dangerous?”
“When I ride I tend to go pretty fast without ever stopping”

This could be a typical conversation about fixies from a fixed gear rider to a nOOb, and the nOOb has the choice to take it or leave it. When I was introduced to fixies a few years back I was still pretty young and wasn’t too sure why anyone would want a bike that is so simple. Now that I have grown to mature I realize the positives to fixed gear riding, and would love to share them with anyone who would lend an open ear.

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evan October 5, 2008 at 10:13 pm

that is some tru shiznit

muthafunna October 14, 2008 at 8:34 am

what a load of horse shit, i don’t for one minute belive your are at college, you cannot spell brakes,

also fixed gears are the traditional bikes, gears and freewheel came much later

if you won’t tell somebody about the mundane secrets of your bike then you really are one sad sad puppy,

it doesn’t matter how fast you go riding is riding, but look around, guess what brakes mean you go faster because you can reduce speed more quickly, take another look around, hipster enoses with no brakes go much slower

hey hipster dude, get an edewkashun

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