Top 7 Fixed Gear Bikes

Top 7 Reasons Fixed Gear Bikes Are Hot (WTF)

by Alex on July 6, 2010

I came across this post on tree hugger about the top 7 reasons fixies are hot. You can read the full article here

This article is complete bull shit. I’ll recap their top reasons so you can see for yourself.

1. People Love Subcultures

People love subcultures, especially when its protagonists are perceived as cool. Nobody doubts that the use of skateboards spread rapidly not only because kids loved to ride a table with wheels, but also because they wanted to ressemble a bunch of really cool Californian teenagers who did it.

This might be true but Fixies are cutting across many different cultures. Also, why does everyone have to compare anything new to skateboarding and surfing?

2. Their Cheapness

Let’s be honest: Who can really afford a designer bike? On the other hand, foldings can be a little expensive sometimes, as well as all really nice bikes.

But fixed gear bikes are (or were?) cheap. As Wired put it: “Find an old beat-up road bike, buy a new hub and throw away all extraneous hardware. You now have a fixie.” To make it unique, all you have to do is add your touch

First of all that article they mention from Wired was written years ago. Second fixed gear bikes ARE NOT CHEAP, unless of course you sign up to my email and get crazy discounts on frames and parts.

3. Light and Clean Looks

Long, long gone are the times when biking meant bulky bicycles with tons of accessories. As these vehicles get more integrated to everyday lives, people are looking for simple models that just get the job done. Additionally, we live in times when frugal living and simpleness have become desirable values for some segments.

Just because the bike looks clean doesn’t mean that each component is not premium. The line about just getting the job done really ticked me off.

4. Endless Customization

Fine this one I’ll let them slide on.

5. Speed/Danger/Feel/”The zen thing”

Why are extreme sports so popular? One of the reasons may be that people love activities that are a little bit dangerous but that also provide some ultra-connection with the surrounding environment and a shock of adrenaline.

Last time I checked theres no fixed gears at the X-Games!!

6. The Culture Around Them

The article doesn’t mention shit about the culture except that it exists… weak.

7. The Trend

Finally, let’s just say it: fixed gear bikes are so hot right now because they’re in fashion, and some people are always looking for the next big thing.

But as we know, some trends come and go in a minute, and others find a way to stick around and create a whole industry around them. are temporary, others come to stay.

Fixed gear bikes already showed themselves to be more than just another fad.

Anyway this article sucks and poorly researched weak attempt at link bait by Paula Alvarado.

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Lola July 6, 2010 at 11:50 am

you make very good points :)

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